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Field Camera

Crown Graphic FIELD CAMERA with 150mm f5.6 Symmar-S EXC++++


Linhof Super Technika 4x5 Field Camera with Nikor-W 150mm/5.6 lens.


8x10 Field Camera Watson and Sons


Zone VI Classic 4x5 Wooden Field Camera with Schneider Symmar-S 210/5.6 Lens


Graflex Speed Graphic 2x3 Field Camera w/101mm f4.5 Lens #805


Linhof Super Technika V 4x5 Field Camera - Original Vinyl Covering




Linhof Technika 6x9 Folding Camera


Intrepid 4X5 MKII field camera with 90mm + 135mm lenses + holders


K B CANHAM DLC Folding aluminum 4x5 large format field camera


Busch Pressman 2x3 Field Press Camera #297


Wista 45 N Field Film Camera Body 4x5 Large Format Camera【MINT】


Beautiful Zone VI 4x5 Film Field Camera Kit - American Made in Vermont


Graflex 4x5 Pacemaker Speed Graphic /view/field camera with Optar lens+manual


Antique Large 10x12 Folding Studio Field Camera Only Body


Zone VI / Wista 4x5 Cherry Wood Field Large Format Film Camera  •Free Shipping•


Wista Field Camera 4x5; G.Rodenstock Monchen German Lens


Toyo A Field Camera w/ Nikon 135 mm f/5.6 lens & 3 Film Holders


Toyo 45A 4x5 Field Camera with Nikon Nikkor-W 150mm/5.6 Lens - Bag


Rollei 35 Singapore 35mm Camera w/Zeiss Tessar 40mm f/3.5 - Tested - Meter Works


Anba Ikeda 4 x 5 Lightweight Wooden Field Camera


Zone VI / Wista 4x5 Wooden Field Camera with Fuji Fujinon-W 150/5.6 Lens


Wista 45D Large Format Field Film Camera


Rare Brand Camera Co. "The Brand 17" 4x5 field & studio camera with Ilex lens


Wista Field 45DX 4x5 field camera, Handcrafted in cherrywood.  Mint!


Vintage 4x5 Wooden Field Large Format RHS Camera Model A


WISTA 4x5 Cherry Wood Field Camera with Lenses and Accessories


5x7 back for Tachihara 4x5 Field Camera, very well made


Shen-Hao TZ45-IIC Black Walnut Wooden Field Folding 4X5 Large Format Camera


Toyo 45AIIL 4X5 field camera w/ 150mm+90mm lenses+holders FRESNEL HOOD *LOADED*


Ebony SV45Ti 4x5 Field Camera - rare & in excellent condition


Toyo 45A Large Format 4x5 Field Camera with Copal 0 and Copal 1 Lens Boards


Nikon F35 MM CAMERA/ lens


VDS ultralight 8X10 MKIII field camera + Schneider 305mm lens + holder